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September 13, 2011
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"Hey" Shouts a man in glasses and a white shirt with locks of long black hair "You see those fossils on the ground there, One is a helix fossil the other is a dome fossil" You stare blankly at the man "Now even though I am an unintelligent game character with limited speech and no intention of taking the fossil to cinnabar island to get a free rare Pokémon because I can't even move. I'm only gonna let you take one fossil, and the other one I will have even though I can't do anything with it"

You take a step forward and collect a fossil "right" yells the man "I'm having the other one despite the fact that it is useless to me and if I gave it to you could obtain both fossil Pokémon and not have to trade it off another game because that's how thick I am". "Um Yeah whatever you want now get away from me" You warn him.

Finally the exit to M.T. Moon is in sight. "Hold it kid" Says a Team Rocket grunt "even though you just pwned my entire organisation, I think I have a chance of beating you. Go Koffing" The man picks up a ball of his belt and tosses it into the air the ball releases a beam of red light revealing a Koffing 'Now to try out my new Pokémon' you think "Go Lickitung" You too pull a ball from your belt and toss it into the air. "Koffing use sludge bomb" yells the man, the Koffing summons up an orb of toxic looking slime and tosses it at your Lickitung. "It's super effective" comes a random voice from somewhere. "Lickitung use tackle" you yell.

The Lickitung charges towards the Koffing, loses its balance and falls to the ground in front of it. "Lickitung" you say calmly "I'm losing my patience" The Lickitung staggers to its feet and turns to the Koffing, then throws a feeble punch at it. The Koffing moves to the left and watches the Lickitung fall to the ground again. "Lickitung what do you find so hard about hitting it?" you groan "honestly you must be the most useless Pokémon in the history of Kanto. Return" You open up a ball and point it at the Lickitung" "Ok Onix" you command finish this thing.  You pick a different ball of your belt and toss is into the air releasing an Onix"

40 minutes later

You are sitting in a room in the Cerelian Pokémon Centre glaring at you Lickitung sprawled across the bed. "What happened back there?" you demand? "You were pathetic I mean you are a higher level and yet you can't even hit him" The Lickitung buries his face in his hands "I mean any one would expect a Slowbro or something to miss but you were standing next to him, I'm sorry you say but I don't think I can uses something like you in my deck any more. You stand up and walk towards the door.

Suddenly Lickitung lunges out with its tongue and blocks your path. You turn to the Pokémon "What do you think you are doing?" You snap. "First not obeying me in battle and now this" The Lickitung lunge at your legs with its tongue sends you to the floor. "Argh What the Hell?" you gasp the tongue then moves at your feet and wraps around them, You try to get up, The  Lickitung responds to this by tightening its grip "How dare you" You yell angrily.

At this point the Lickitung has gotten up and begins to drag you across the floor towards it. You try and pry the tongue off with your hands but it is of no use. You are about to yell at it again but then you see its facial expression it looks a bit fed up with your voice. "um what are you doing?" you ask slightly worried now the Lickitung just continues to reel you in like a fish on a line. Then it stops with you lying at its feet.

The powerful tongue begins to snake round the rest of your body, you can't move your arms "Lickitung?" you ask "you're not going to hurt me are you?"  The Pokémon now begins to reel it's tongue back into its mouth. You are now beginning to get a bit worried. The Lickitung now brings the coil of tongue right up to its mouth.

"Look I'm sorry" you plead. As the Lickitung pulls you into its mouth, legs first. You try and break free but it is of no use. It is actually quite spacious inside the mouth. But you are still easily overpowered by the huge tongue. It's like trying to wrestle a slimy fire hose finally the tongue manages to shove your head into the huge entrance to the throat, and from then on there is no escape.

The Lickitung knows you are powerless against its throat muscles and so releases you from its tongue. You desperately try to pry your tongue out of the Pokémon's gullet with your hands but this only traps your hands inside its throat and well. All you can do is squeal in discomfort as you are tightly compressed through the wet, slimy rings of muscle that made up the throat.

The Lickitung gently puts its hand on its neck and feels the faint outline of your wriggling form as it gradually makes its way down deeper into the body of the Pokémon. Eventually your head is compressed out into the huge wet sack like stomach. You limply slide down the wall of the stomach and into the shallow pile of stomach juices.  Exhausted from what had happened you can only sink into the fleshy stomach wall and fall asleep as more saliva is emptied out of the gullet and into the stomach to join the foul soup built up of weak stomach acids and bits of half-digested food.

Just the nurse joy walks in and looked at the Lickitung "oh dear" she exclaims has your trainer just left your hear. Suddenly a loud gurgle rises from the Lickitung restless stomach. "You must be in a bad way" she says " I can't believe he left you hear because you couldn't fight, Honestly some people are just swallowed up by pride".
Hi this is a Lickitung vore story for :iconpokeman36:
Yes I have just read over it and realised it is complete rubish compaired to the other stories.
So I promise I Will come back too it and improove it when I have time...

Sorry :(
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SonicbolttheLatios Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
love the jokes in the beginning, hate the dark ending
PopGoesTheBuizel Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Student Writer
Eww I Know This Stories Anciant But I Just Realised I Wrote "You desperately try to pry your tongue out of the Pokémon's throat" Instead Of Head... Yuk
killjoy421 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
what in the world?
i just noticed that too....
wino-man24 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011
AccessTheGamer Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
i :heart: this and everything else you write
Ninplanet123 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Student
You should make a Palpitoad vore story.
EpicArcanine Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
Lol I laugh at teh funny beginning despite the funny irony in the ending.
SympathyBMW Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny ending. Swallowed by pride, lmao. Hey that could b its nikname
PopGoesTheBuizel Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you :D
miked411711 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
And people say Nurse Joy's sense of humor is too dry...:XD:

I liked this one,as well...even for being a short story...they're getting longer...with more details,that's what happens~:D
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